Musicians In Motion General Pricing

*Pricing may vary based on the teacher*

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Traditional 30/45/60 Minute Lessons . . . . $26/36/46 per lesson

Simply Music Piano (Private) . . . . $30 per lesson

Simply Music Piano (Group)  . . . . $89 per month


**Need a flexible schedule?  Ask about our "drop-in" plan**


Early Beginner Class (Music Funtime )
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$89 Per Month



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Traditional 30/45/60 Minute Lessons $36/46/56 per lesson

                    Simply Music Piano (Private)   . . . . $40 per lesson                    

    Simply Music Piano (Group) . . . .  $125 per student per month

      Advanced Teacher Lessons . . . .  Pricing varies


Special Needs Lessons
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$40 per half hour lesson


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Violins, Acoustic Guitars and Keyboards $20 per month

Electric Guitars with Amp $25 per month


Yearly Enrollment Fee
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One-Time $25 and yearly in September

This fee covers all recitals and events


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Policies & Lessonmate
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Cancellation Procedures:


What if I miss a lesson?

At Musicians In Motion, we value both teachers and students, and make every attempt to be fair to everyone involved in the lessons.  Some students allow for unlimited make up lessons and/or credits for missed lessons, but we feel this is not fair to the teacher's time, and it usually is a hindrance to the student's progress.  When a student misses a lesson, they tend to not practice as they should.  It's just human nature.  

When they return to their lesson the next week, they will just be reviewing the lesson from two week's prior.  They will not get new material until the third week, which means they've basically lost three weeks.  We feel this is not conducive to a continual learning experience that you are expecting and paying for.  The solution?  Lessonmate.  

This is a program that allows the teacher to send you a personalized assignment with audio and video instruction included during the normal lesson time that you are missing.  If you are out of the country or sick that day, you will get an assignment so that the student continues progressing until their next lesson because they have something new to work towards rather than just reviewing the old assignment.   If ever you can't make a lesson for any reason, you can cancel ANY time for ANY reason, and get your Lessonmate lesson assignment sent to you on the lesson day.  Lessonmate is free to you and easy to use.  

Do you close for holidays?

Regarding holidays, we do close for major holidays, but if your lesson is on Saturday and the holiday is Monday, this will be a normal required lesson day.  We allow for one missed lesson per quarter, so you can use this for any day you would like.  Once you have used your one day, you will be sent a Lessonmate assignment.  If you will be out of town and unable to take your instrument, please let your teacher know so that he/she can send you an assignment to accomplish without an instrument.  There are plenty of great exercises that can be done without an instrument!

Alternatively, Skype can also be used so long as the student is over 18 or a parent is sitting in on the lesson.  If you have any questions, let us know and we'd be happy to help.  





A minimum of 2 month is required.

We do NOT offer free trial lessons, but you may pay for and try one lesson before committing. 

Lessons are billed 4 weeks in advance.  

Lessons are sold in packages of 4 since most months come with 4 weeks.  We do not initiate an automatic draft on a certain calendar day of the month.  Once your 4th lesson is completed in the series the system will bill you for the next 4 lessons the next day.  


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We do require all new students to be put on auto-draft which saves you from forgetting to pay and incurring a late fee.  We require 30-days notice to stop lessons at which time we would take you off the auto-bill. 

To sign up, please call us at

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or chat with us or click the link below. 


*Pricing may vary based on the teacher