Musicians in Motion Frequently Asked Questions

What is the screening process for your teachers?  All teachers go through a detailed process to determine whether they are capable teachers and have the personality to teach children. Musicians In Motion also does full nationwide, state and local criminal background checks on on personnel. You may request references from any teacher.

Do you require students to sign a contract?  There is a contract which requires a 30-day notice to stop or pause lessons.  

What do you do about missed lessons?  Students can reschedule as many lessons as they need so long as 24-hours notice is given to the office. Rescheduling with the instructor will be limited to his/her availability. For same-day cancellations the teacher will send a virtual assignment via software called Lessonmate. Learn more at  

What if my child gets sick?  We sometimes make exceptions to the 24 hour rule, and this is usually when that happens because we don’t want you bringing your child in sick! Excessive absences due to sickness make it hard to reschedule every missed lesson, but rarely are we not able to accommodate most reschedules.  

How much notice do I need to give should I decide to pause or discontinue lessons?  30 days notice is required to stop or pause lessons.  Your notice must be in writing to the office.  If you tell the teacher, this does not count, so please email the office at  

Do you provide any services other than studio and in-home lessons?  We hold a minimum of two recitals per year. And through the studio we offer group lessons to supplement students’ private lessons.  In the summer, we offer Band Camp, a fun exciting group class where students learn to play guitar, bass guitar, piano and drums.

What kind of piano do you recommend?  If you are not able to purchase/rent a real piano, a keyboard with touch sensitive keys will be a fine way to go in the beginning. If the student stays with it for a few years, you can then consider buying either a digital or real piano. Steinway Piano Gallery rents pianos for $99/mo. if you’d like to have a real piano.

What kind of guitar do you recommend?  Electric guitars are easier and more fun to play, so we recommend starting there.  Fender makes a great instrument around $100, and a small amp is $50-70.  Be sure to also get a gig bag to carry it as well as and a tuner ($40 and $15 respectively).  If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can download a free guitar tuner app.  

Do you have keyboards or real pianos at your music school?  We choose to have full size digital pianos at our music school because they are more fun for beginners.  The keys are weighted just like a real piano and they are capable of producing the sounds of many different instruments such as flute, trumpet, guitar, organ, etc. as well as different rhythmic patterns so that you can play with a “band.”  Kids especially love this!

What is a good age to start private lessons?

We highly recommend that all beginners under 6 take our Music Funtime class (for ages 18 mo to 7) or Kidzrock Rock Band Class (for ages 4-7).  In Music Funtime, children ages 18 months through age 7 to experience music for the first time.  They will be with other kids their age and not have to do a ton of homework which can become a drag in the beginning.  Students stay in this class for 1-2 years depending on their age and when the teacher suggests the appraise time to switch over to private lessons.  Kidzrock is a rock band class where kids get to learn piano, guitar and drums with other kids their age.

What instrument do you recommend for beginners?   Piano as is the most logical place to start for most students.  Guitar is OK, but we suggest starting guitar at age 10 or above due to the difficult and strength required.  Violin is possible, and voice for ages 8 and above.  For the young beginner under 6, students should have gone through the Music Funtime class before taking private lessons.  This will significantly increase the chances of success which is why we require this course of action.  Our rock band class (Kidzrock) for ages 4-7

What if my schedule changes frequently?  

We have a "drop-in" plan that allows you to schedule a lesson week-to-week.  All you have to do is call or email us within 7 days of the days you are available and we will let you know when you teacher can it you in.  There is a $5 per lesson surcharge for this service.