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If you are a Christian family, you know that music is very important to the worship experience on a weekly and possibly even daily basis.  That is why we offer Christians music lessons as an alternative to the traditional methods of learning piano.  Our teachers are accustomed to tailoring a specific lesson plan for each student, so this is not a complicated task, but those who have chosen to offer this as part of their curriculum take it very seriously.  We do not allow just any of our teachers to offer this type of lesson, although most of our teachers are in fact Christians and would be happy to do so.  We are currently offering Christian music lessons on the piano, guitar, voice and violin.  There is no additional cost to this type of lesson, so please see our pricing/policies page for details.  

Meet some of our teachers that offer a unique perspective on music lessons

Julia Kinderknecht

While I have been a passionate worshipper of God for most of my life, it has only been in the last few years that He has shown me what it means to truly worship "in Spirit and truth." 

Worshipping in Spirit is coming into agreement with the Spirit of the Lord and being utterly yielded to His purposes. To worship in truth, one must be honest and humble, aware of God's holiness and our need of Him. This kind of worship is centered on Him, and never a performance.  

I would like to work with adults or children who feel called to be worshipping musicians, so we can explore Biblical principals of worship, such as the "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" (Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16), and discuss the role of music in their individual relationships with God.

It is Jesus' desire to minister to His people through music by His Spirit, and I am excited about exploring this with other musicians!

Here is a sample of curriculum teachers use.  All lessons are custom tailored to the students' needs and require other or additional materials which can be discussed with the teacher.

"The Annie Moses Method Violin Curriculum Book 1 teaches children to play the violin with excellence for the glory of God, cultivating music as a language of love between God, parent, child and teacher. Violin Book I and the companion DVD (PROD# 005277287) include thorough explanations and video illustrations of fundamental positions, essential tools which enable the student to gain proficiency without impediment. The Annie Moses Method also provides parents, including nonmusical parents, the tools necessary to coach their child successfully, helping churches, fine arts academies and teaching studios create a three-tiered support network of parent, teacher, and patron to guide and champion the student."

"Guitar Worship 1 is the first guitar method ever targeted towards church musicians. If you're an aspiring acoustic or electric guitarist who wants to sing and play songs in praise of God, then this book with online audio is a must-have. You'll learn: chords, strum patterns, 24 great songs, how to read music, how to tune your guitar, how to change strings, and much more As an added bonus, it also features a special section on how to lead contemporary worship. The companion audio features 87 tracks, including tuning notes and 24 songs."

"The Hal Leonard Christian Guitar Method is designed for anyone just learning to play guitar. This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner's guide uses well-known praise and worship songs to teach you the basics of guitar style and technique. The accompanying CD features all of the songs in the book for demonstration and play-along. Songs include: Awesome God * Blessed Be Your Name * Here I Am to Worship * How Great Is Our God * I Could Sing of Your Love Forever * Oh Lord, You're Beautiful * Open the Eyes of My Heart * You Are My King (Amazing Love) * and more."

Christians Piano Lessons

"There is music inside all of us, especially children! That's how God created them, and so making music comes naturally to them. Teaching children to make their own music on a keyboard (and to find joy in it) is what Music in Me is all about. Each book in this unique series is designed to help them understand both musical and Biblical concepts at the same time. Early exposure to music theory especially harmony and ear training plus an understanding of how music "works" will provide today's children with a strong foundation for becoming tomorrow's church musicians. Music in Me includes five levels, and each level includes five coordinating student books: Lesson (Reading Music); Theory & Technique (Understanding Music); Creativity (Writing Your Own Music); Praise & Worship (Solos to Play); and Hymns & Holidays (Solos to Play).

IMPORTANT: Students under the age of 8 are highly encouraged to take our Music Funtime class before starting private lessons as this significantly increases the success rate.  The youngest age allowed for this class is 18 months (we group based on age).  Click here to find out more.