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Violin lessons in Charlotte NC is a great choice for anyone 3 and up.   Violin is knows as one of the most challenging instruments to learn, but our knowledgeable staff is experienced and ready to make your learning the violin a joy!  Currently, we offer studio lessons and in-home lessons near our studio on Carmel Rd. 





Meet A Few Of Our Many Great Violin Teachers

Maria Grosso

Born in Varese (Italy) in 1988, Maria Elisa completed her violin graduation in 2013 with violinist M° Marcello Defant in Conservatorio “G.Puccini” of Gallarate (IT).

Meanwhile, she approached to the viola as self-taught student and soon began to play with several chamber ensembles and symphonic orchestras.

At the age of 21 she was admitted to Academic courses in the Baroque Singing class of Conservatorio “G.Cantelli” of Novara (IT), lead by baroque contraltist M° Roberto Balconi. Two years after, she switched to opera singing class held by mezzo-soprano M° Patrizia Patelmo.

She graduated in March 2016, with the supervision of Marcello Piras (internationally known critic and academic), with a research focused on the contamination between European opera music and Afroamerican music in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, performing also in a final concerto, singing some arias from two operas: “Treemonisha” (Scott Joplin) and “Porgy and Bess” (George Gershwin), showing contamination between cultures and between different music styles such as opera, ragtime and jazz.

She opened her musical repertoire also to modern music and she got interested in fiddle, starting to play with several folk bands: Fiò de la Serva (folk’n’roll), Collettivo Mazzulata (rata-folk), Fabertribute (Italian folk), Pickletrain (new Country band), Giò Desfàa (Italian song writer), Aexylium (folk metal). She recorded as fiddler for the debut album of MasCara (alternative progressive band), for the debut album of Giò Desfàa e i Fiò de la Serva (fol’n’roll band) and for a Galletti-Boston production “BachataMilonga”.

She did several studio recordings for Italian Musical Edition “Sonitus” in collaboration with RaiTrade (Italian Television Soundtracks). She collaborated also with Virtual Agency (entertainment and live dj set performance agency), playing her electric violin in some of the most important Italian disco Clubs.

As a violinist, she collaborated with: Orchestra Sinfonica dell’Insubria, Europae Cantores, Accademia Concordia S. Cecilia, ensemble Harmonia, Musicarte.
As a violist, she collaborated with: Orchestra Mikrokosmos, Orchestra Ars Cantus, Europae Cantores, Orchestra del Conservatorio Cantelli, Orchestra Premio Gatticese delle Arti, Orchestra Accademia Brera.

As opera Singer, she debuted in the role of Morgana in Haendel’s opera Alcina at the Auditorium Cantelli in Novara. She also sang for Associazione MusicArte di Luvinate, Teatro Condomio in Gallarate, Lions Club, Rotary Club and holds regular concerts in all North of Italy.

Violin Lessons Charlotte

Elizabeth Lyle

Music is a language that everyone understands. It has the power to move people in a very profound and personal way. Learning the art of communicating through music takes serious commitment and hard work, but is worth all the effort.

I have been playing the violin for 13 years, studying with several members of the Charlotte Symphony and participating in both the Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestra and Junior Youth Orchestra. This May, I graduated with a BA in violin performance from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. While I was in college I played principal second with both the opera and symphony orchestras. I was also a teaching assistant for Aural Skills and was awarded several grants and scholarships including the Career Development Grant, Semans Art Fund Grant, Nutcracker Scholarship, and Spirit Square Center for Arts and Education Scholarship. Currently, I play in the Western Piedmont, Fayetteville and Union Symphonies.

I am a certified Suzuki teacher and have taught students as young as 3. Viewing music as a language, I believe anyone can learn to play the violin well, each at his or her own pace. As with any language, it is important to listen to music frequently, especially pieces you are currently working on or will soon be learning. Reading music and playing by ear are equally important. Review and repetition are the keys to learning these skills! Parents play a vital role, particularly in a young child’s learning process by practicing with their child and providing a positive learning environment. Peer interaction is also important. Peers can challenge and inspire you, and you, in turn, can challenge and inspire them. Finally, learning to play an instrument is not about seeing how many pieces you can “learn” in a year. It’s about acquiring technique and skills that build on each other so that you become an accomplished and well rounded musician capable of moving an audience through any piece you play. The diligence, persistence, self-control, and self-expression you will learn will help you in any pursuit you choose!  


I started playing the violin at the age of six and viola at the age of eight. I grew up in Charlotte, studying with members of the Charlotte Symphony, and played in the Char. Sym. Youth Orchestras for a total of eight years. After receiving my degree in Viola Performance from the UNC School of the Arts, I played with the Charlotte Symphony, the Winston Salem Symphony, the Atlanta Pops, and various other local orchestras. I was honored to study with and perform for many of the top violists in the US, including members of the Cleveland String Quartet, Mendelssohn String Quartet, and Juilliard String Quartet. After teaching and playing professionally for a few years, I took a break from music to serve in Ukraine as a missionary, where I had many opportunities to share the gift of music with others. Teaching has always been a great love of mine, and it's my joy to be able to return to teaching. I believe that all children can learn to play an instrument, but my greatest desire is that they develop a true love for creating music. Music is an amazing gift that breaks the bonds of language, and can be shared from one heart to another, all over this world. When not teaching or playing, I still work as a counselor for my mission agency, and love cycling, and training for marathons and triathlons.

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David Lebel

Music is something that affects each an every one of us, and even if we don’t all become professional musicians, their is a hightened level of appreciation for music in general after having played an instrument. I teach the suzuki method which emphasizes ear training (something many musicians lack) along with the normal theory that must be taught. Imagine being able to play by ear or by music! It’s simple yet effective in bringing years of musical enjoyment! You never know….you might become the next Itzhak Perlman! I also believe firmly in training my students how to practice effectively in order to progress as quickly as possible.


I graduated three years ago with BA’s in Music and Theology, and proceeded to get my Masters in Theology. While in undergraduate school, I took lessons from Robert Koff, a renowned violinist in his time and one of the founding members of the Juilliard String Quartet.


  • 23 years experience playing the violin
  • 10 years experience playing the piano
  • Have played in numerous Quartets, Orchestras, String Trios, Piano Trios, Churches since I was 8 including some of the best youth orchestras in the world
  • Have played in the Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Have traveled with musical groups all over the world including Cuba, Mexico, France, and England
  • Currently I own and operate Musicians In Motion


Tabetha Metz

Tabetha is an enthusiastic teacher with a knack for making learning exciting and enjoyable. Motivated by the belief that 

all children can be successful musicians and attain a well-grounded musical ability. Elementary and Middle 

School Teacher background in improving student performance with positive reinforcement. Focused on 

working with students and parents alike to teach and motivate students. Trained and certified in the 

Suzuki Violin Method to connect students, parents, and the violin.