In-Home & Studio Music Lessons

Musicians in Motion offers the finest music lessons in the Charlotte area. Anybody has the ability to master a musical instrument with commitment, passion, and patience. If you have a yearning desire and drive to learn an instrument, we can help you. Our highly trained music professionals will guide you or your child to achieve the goals you wish to attain, and introduce you to a world of musical appreciation you can pursue and enjoy for a lifetime. Our instructors are not only passionate about their craft, but they are enthusiastic to inspire creativity and instill a lifelong passion in their students. Musical education improves cognitive functioning, and can lead to a great creative outlet, hobby, even career. Mastering a musical instrument teaches discipline, focus, and persistence in other facets of life. Whether it’s temporary or long-term, music lessons will help you develop an appreciation for music and the arts.  We believe that musical education should be an adventure. We provide a structured learning environment, while making lessons fun and engaging, encouraging practice and persistence. The hard work pays off when you master a song or instrument you pour your heart into. Your teachers will be there to guide you along the way.

We offer beginner group classes, preschool classes, private guitar lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons, violin lessons, banjo lessons, and more, in a wide variety of styles and genres.  We teach all ages, levels, and abilities. Come take lessons in our studios in a private or group lesson, or learn from the comfort of your own home. We offer private in-home lessons in the surrounding Charlotte area. Don’t own a musical instrument of your own? We have a wide range of instruments available for rental at a reasonable rate.

Our music lessons are satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your first lesson, we will refund your money.

6303 Carmel Rd, Suite 106, Charlotte, NC 28226