How early can you start music lessons for your kids

Were you a parent who played your favorite music while your baby was in the womb, hoping they’d come into the world with an appreciation of the recording artists, musicians, and singers you love?

You’ve probably heard about the studies that show the many benefits of music education for youngsters. Music seems to help with language comprehension (lyrics), math concepts (rhythm and beats), motor skills (moving hands, arms and feet to the music), and confidence for young and old alike.

When, then, is “the best time” to start music lessons for your kids? At Musicians in Motion in Charlotte, we’d say you’re never too young to start.

One of the main ways little kids gain exposure to music is through their parents singing to them, rocking them back and forth to the beat, and showing them different instruments in person. When your child is in their first year of life, it’s a great time to initially expose them to music.

Since children develop at different speeds, you’ll generally have an idea when your child is ready for lessons. Does little Bobby bang pots and pans all the time? Does little Suzie sit at your piano and play with the keys? When you play an instrument, are your child’s eyes transfixed on it? If so, chances are your child will gravitate to a lifetime of music appreciation.

Ideally, if your child shows interest in music, you can start them in music lessons when they’re 3-years-old. Typically, at that age, they can handle about a half hour of “instruction.”

Most parents seem to start their children’s music lessons between ages 5 and 12. They can have one-on-one instruction or group lessons, and oftentimes teachers make “a game of it,” to hold their attention. Some songs little kids can master singing or playing (on an instrument) include “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” The older they get, the more apt they are to expand their musical repertoire, and before long they’ll be in high school marching bands, musicals, and rock bands.

If you think your child seems destined to play a certain musical instrument, it’s a good idea to start them with lessons for that instrument at age 7 or 8. That is “prime learning time,” when kids pick up new skills quickly.

While elementary schools often teach basic music education, it’s a good idea to supplement their learning with individual lessons. At Musicians in Motion, our teachers give lessons in the comfort of your own home. Children look forward to their teacher coming over and showing them new songs to sing and play.

Sometimes kids try learning an instrument only to discover they hate it. That’s fine and normal. They usually discover a different instrument soon after, and attempt to play that one. By the time high school comes around, your child will be somewhat set on what they want to accomplish musically.

One of the best things about music lessons at an early age is this: your child will have a lifetime of enjoyment, being able to join music groups and bands when they’re older. We even have a local popular band that performs solely at Senior Homes. Playing music can be the highlight of your child’s life for years to come.

While it’s great to “start ‘em young,” any age is a good age to take music lessons. If you live in the Charlotte area, contact Musicians in Motion to see what we offer.

Post by David Lebel