Band Camp Details

In this first series of Band Camp, a group of no more than 5 students will be learning how to play 1-2 songs on 4 different instruments: Guitar, Bass, Piano and Drums.

This Series is for new beginners to intermediate players, and all the parts were designed so that even if you never touched the instrument in your life, you will be able to play all the parts on each instrument at the end of each session! In addition to learning how to play with others, all students will learn music theory as it is cleverly slipped into each song. 

Please visit the Sampler page by clicking any one of the songs below to listen to a brief preview of songs that are featured.

There are 4 styles of short, original songs that can be heard in the sampler. This are the titles along with the genre:

  1. EZ California - Pop / Soft Rock
  2. Ship Rocked - Modern Rock N’ Roll
  3. Suspended in Air - Alternative / Contemporary
  4. Gorilla Jam - Reggae

Terms and Conditions

Learning materials will be provided for the students, which they will all get to keep.

During the summer, this camp will be a total of 5 days, Monday thru Friday, 2 hours a day.  There will be a featured song each week that all the students will learn, and if time permits they will be able to learn an additional song. The final day will be reserved for performances!  Instruments will be provided for the camp (we will even have kid-sized guitars and a bass for kids!). Rentals can also be provided during the week of the camp if any of the students wish to continue practicing (highly recommended) and don’t have the instruments at home during the span of the camp. 

DISCLAIMER: this camp will be extremely fun; those with fun allergies or sensitivity to extreme levels of fun may need to consider preparing themselves for high levels of fun prior to coming to the camp.


Camp Cost: $200 per student

Next Camp Begins: August 8th, 2016

Times: 10am to 12pm Monday through Friday


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